Cancer Federation


The Cancer Federation is one of the nation’s foremost 501(c)3 non profit organizations that provides valuable, practical information, and independent websites not associated with the Cancer Federation, where they can help you with financial assistance, support groups, lodging and travel, for patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. Our commitment is to raise funds to help scientists in the fields of research and immunology, as well as provide funds to Universities for Scholarships so they can apply those funds to students involved in the research for cancer cure.

Are you or a loved one looking for information regarding cancer and information around; causes and prevention, screening, diagnosis, treatments, and coping? Cancer Federation is here to help.

Cancer Federation understands the financial impact cancer can have on a family or loved ones. That is why we have created a place for people to find financial assistance and relief.

Donate to cancer research, and/or scholarships towards universities that teach their students about cancer.


Research Grants and Scholarships

Cancer Federation provides funding for Scholarships and/or Research Grants to the institutions described under the page of GET INVOLVED. The institutions award the Scholarship to the student of their choice. Your contribution of vehicles, used clothing and household discards will provide the needed revenue to provide and maintain these scholarships and research grants.

Your donations are tax deductible!  

Cancer Federation converts your donation of used clothing and household discards to cash proceeds that are utilized to fund its programs. You can arrange for a pickup of your donated items in the locations as indicated below by simply calling these phone numbers. Cancer Federation’s representatives will arrange for a pickup at your location and leave a donation receipt for your tax deductible gift. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and will be used to support our mission. Please visit the DONATE page for a list of States with telephone numbers.