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The Cancer Federation is one of the nation's foremost 501(c)3 non profit foundations in the field of cancer immunology.

The federation provides information, donations, education, educational materials and support groups for cancer patients, to help their families and friends. The federation has provided help for thousands of people over the last 25 years.

We are here to promote hope, not fear. Programs and research projects are carefully monitored by well-known physicians and researchers. Being informed on available therapies and cancer treatment centers can be crucial.

We encourage you to browse our website. Become informed on new issues. Become inspired by what you learn. And then, take whatever steps you can to make a difference. Please contact us to volunteer or make your tax-deductible donation.

Donate to Fight Cancer

We are seeking thrift store operators
who would like to go into a buy/sell arrangement with this respected, 32-year-old charity.
You would be joining a worthy and highly profitable endeavor.

Contact Us - P.O. Box 1298 Banning, California 92220
Phone: 951-849-4325 – Fax: 909-849-0156
Fed. Tax ID# 95-3113568 ~ (501c3) Charity

Donate for Memorial Gifts

We appreciate memorial gifts.
With receipt of your check, we will send you a receipt, and a card to the family.
Send your tax exempt check to:

Cancer Federation
P.O. Box 1298 Banning, California 92220

For a small, $15 donation, you can hold in your hand the incredible story of –

the exciting new book by Dr. Alan Cantwell,
with foreword by John Steinbacher.

The astounding, highly readable story of the true, titanic battle of four brilliant woman scientists who dared to take on the whole cancer establishment for 30 years in an epic struggle for TRUTH! These four women, led by Virginia Livingston, only gave up when death claimed them.
You Will Love This Story!

Send a $15 donation to:

Cancer Federation
P.O. Box 1298
Banning, CA 92220

Donate Your Car

-- Car retrieval
-- Accept used vehicles
-- Tax write off

Charitable Auto Resources
CARS of information
For vehicle donations, call toll-free: 877-537-5277 or
click here to fill out the online form.

State that you wish to donate your vehicle to
the Cancer Federation.

All roads lead to Banning  

Autographed copies available as a fund raiser from the Cancer Federation, Box 1298, Banning, CA 92220 for $17.50 pp. John Steinbacher donated copies for this purpose.

Other Resources

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From the World’s Most Transplanted Person

Gloria Swanson

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Presentations by Alfred Barrios

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